Grading and Excavation

Floyd S. Lee Grading, Inc. has over 55 years experience in Grading and Excavation services for new commercial and industrial structures, parking lots, retention ponds, lakes, and residential developments. Floyd S. Lee Grading, Inc. starts every project opportunity with a well thought out plan to ensure efficiency in time and cost.

Grading and Excavation includes but is not limited to, hauling, placement, moisture conditioning, compaction and grading of dirt materials to meet designed elevations and contours for new structures and other improvements. Floyd S. Lee Grading, Inc. has completed projects with less than 100 cubic yards to move all the way up to projects with over 1 million cubic yards to move. The experience Floyd S. Lee Grading, Inc. includes commercial, industrial, municipality, and residential.

The project time schedule is a critical concern to the client. Floyd S. Lee Grading, Inc. employs experienced superintendents and operators equipped with the well-maintained fleet to create the highest levels of quality and schedule performance.


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